At Weingut Am Stein the visitor discovers the skillful synthesis of tradition and innovation with all his senses. He can taste it in every drop of wine and see it in the unique architecture of the ‘Weinwerk’. This glass cube construction featuring oak stands for the harmonious connection between modern life and grounded nature. “For our winery oak plays a central role: our family’s roots stem from cooperage. The wooden accents also resemble the posts used in our vineyards. The design of our ‘Weinwerk’ symbolizes the affinity to the vineyards and the origins of quality in our wines.” –Ludwig Knoll.

“We wanted to focus the design on purism, just like we do with our wines”.


  • Our ‘Weinwerk’ has been appointed one of the Highlights of Modern German Wine Culture by the German Wine Institute (DWI).
  • Antonio-Petrini-Award by the city of Würzburg, 2007.
  • German Architecture Award Wine, 2007
  • BDA-Award 2006 Distinction of Exceptional Buildings in Franconia