Our collection of wines is sorted according to the German wine classification of the VDP – the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates. It classifies the value of Germany’s prime vineyard sites in order to sustain the unique cultural landscape and measure the significance of great dry white wines from Germany in accordance with international criteria.

From our Junge Wilde, or Young & Wild line, come Helle Freude, Rosamunde and Rote Wonne which stand for cheerful wines that are fresh, fruity and full of life! Enjoy in a summery garden with light cuisine or anytime in the company of friends.

Ambassadors of the finest soils, these typical varieties represent our traditional vineyard sites. They boast elegance and complexity with clear, clean fruit and finesse.

The best from the prime vineyards of the Würzburger Stein and the Innere Leiste. Lasting quality with outstanding character.

From the very best vineyards in Germany come the Grosse Lage wines. Our best of Riesling and Silvaner are bearers of culture directly from the famous and dramatic terroir of the Stettener Stein. Charged up with salty minerality and a unique essence and volume – these wines are a balance of opulence and finesse.

The VINZ wines are dedicated to the youngest member of the family and are therefore especially dear to Ludwig Knoll. Yielded from more than 45 year old vines on the steep slopes of the Stettener Stein, these two authentic wines bear outstanding character. Dense and puristic, they show originality and bear full mineral complexities.

Montonia stands for our top-end Pinots that derive from expressive, fully ripened grapes from of our best parcels. In many ways they are based on the style of Burgundian viniculture, refined in oak, we aspire to put together the puzzle-pieces for a picture of quality without compromise.

The finale to any enjoyable evening and the crowned jewel to accompany any dessert.    Precious. Sweet. Rarities.

Ludwig’s very own sparkling’s crafted from Silvaner and classic pinot varieties rely on the method of traditional bottle fermentation – the supreme discipline for ambitious, sophisticated sparkling wines. We harvest our grapes specifically for our sparkling collection and a lot of care goes into the composition of their base wines. Body, structure and a subtle fruity acidity are important for later development of quality. 

For generations we have been distilling finest house brandys from local fruit varieties. We carefully select only the ripest and most aromatic fruit for fermentation and subsequent slow distillation. All of our fruit schnapps are stored for at least 2 years in stoneware vats while the barrique schnapps mature for several years in small new wooden barrels. Our trester schnapps is exclusively made from the winery’s own juicy grape trester of silvaner and pinot varieties.