In the year 1890 my great grandfather founded his own cooperage business in the heart of Würzburg. He was a master in the art and the most renowned wine cellars were supplied with his barrels. We still offer a glimpse at the basics of barrel-making in our old cooperage museum in the winery.


In the year 1980 my father set the foundation of our winemaking development by building our winery on a prime piece of the best Franconian slope – the Würzburger Stein. Since 1990 I have controlled the fate of the winery together with my wife Sandra and it has brought us so much happiness.


Soon after my winemaking studies we started to set the first stepping stones for the conversion to an ecological and later bio-dynamic practice. This kind of sustainable identity is a big part of what we wish to instill upon our children, Vincenz and Antonia, as-well as joy and quality of life. The connection of fine wine and food, cultural creation and team spirit keeps us motivated along with the outstanding atmosphere during our annual wine festival ‘Hoffest’.

“Twenty-five years ago we started our great adventure on the Stein: it took encouragement, strength and perseverance to get to us to where we are today”

In the past decades we have over-seen many changes at the winery. The quality of our wines has grown with our experiences and we are thrilled to be consistently rewarded for our individuality and creativity. The most recent milestone in our development was the opening of our newly constructed >STEINKELLER’ or ‘Stone Cellar’ as well as in receiving the award for ‘Winery of the Year - Best White Wine Collection’ by the famous German wine critic, Gerhard Eichelmann in 2016. With intuition, curiosity, fascination and innovation, come excellent wines that excite and motivate us to always keep the bar set high for the future.