“As you sow, so shall you reap” Responsible farming is a philosophy we live by. During the production of our grapes we aspire to act sensibly for both man and the earth. This state of mind naturally develops from a respectful relationship with nature.

Over the last decade we have gained a lot of experience in the ways of bio-dynamic viticulture. Revitalizing authenticity, sustainability and liveliness is an integral aspect of our winery’s culture and we are very passionate about this entire approach.

“For me, winemaking is a careful balance of resources. It is the regional and natural progression of the vine that gives me fulfilment“.

In our vineyards we work exclusively with natural devices. We use self-sourced bio-dynamic preparations and homeopathic teas to help support the resistance of the vines and composts of pomace and manure to vitalize the soil. The rich flora in the rows of grapevines makes for a balanced supply of nutrients and supports bio-diversity. We completely deny the use of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides in our vineyards.